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|General Articles|

Islam has always been viewed by many westerners as incompatible with the modern world, especially in relation to human rights and women's rights in particular. Many westerners emphasise that Islamic law restricts freedom of thought and creativity and supports harsh punishments and degrading treatment. Does that represent the truth about Islam? It is time to show the truth about Islam in general and the Islamic law in particular and let people decide for themselves. This section should clear the air and correct the misconception about Islam. View

|Flash Movies|

This section provides very beautiful islamic flash movies designed to visually explain the truth about Islam in a very interesting way. It contains educational islamic flash movies, Islamic songs, and some hot flash movies revealing the truth that is hidden behind the seen. We encourage our visitors to discover the truth about Islam through this informative and at the same time entertaining section. View

|Islamic Directory|

A very useful islamic directory has been set to enable the visitors to explore everything about Islam through out the web.view